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    Final Report Issued

    The National Advisory Panel on Marine Protected Area Standards has issued the Final Report of the National Advisory Panel on MPA Standards, available online at

    Report Release Oceans Protection Plan

    On November 7, 2018 the Government of Canada celebrated the second anniversary of the Oceans Protection Plan by releasing a Report to Canadians which outlines what has been accomplished in the past two years with the Oceans Protection Plan. The Report can be accessed at

    Report Released

    The Interim Report of the National Advisory Panel on Marine Protected Area Standards is now available online at:

    Canada’s Arctic Marine Atlas

    Canada’s Arctic Marine Atlas, produced by Oceans North and its partners, provides an overview of the marine mammals, seabirds, fish and other wildlife that thrive in our northern waters – and highlights the importance of a healthy ecosystem for the people who live there. The Atlas can be accessed at and…

    Report Published

    The inaugural Hudson Bay Summit was held in Montreal from February 27 to March 1, 2018 when representatives from indigenous organizations, governments, academia, and non-profit organizations came together to officially launch the Hudson Bay Consortium. The “Hudson Bay Summit Report” can be accessed here:…

    Report Published

    The Arctic Council published a report in 2017 to better understand the potential for difference oil spill response systems to operate in the Arctic marine environment. The “Circumpolar Oil Spill Response Viability Analysis – Technical Report” can be accessed here:

    Report Published

    A report on shipping trends in the Canadian Arctic, titled ‘Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Ship Traffic in the Canadian Arctic from 1990 to 2015” was published in March 2018. The report can be accessed here:

    Canadian Coast Guard 2018 Season Underway

    The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) announced that its 2018 Arctic operational season has commenced and will run until late November, 2018. The CCG’s associated News Release is available by visiting this link